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CHILDHOOD: Adolf Hitler waws born April 20 , 1889 in Braunqu, Gemany. He was the fourth child of Alois and Kara Hitler.  He was a very smart boy and excelled in everything that he did. Straight A’s in the choir at school. Him and his father had a very strange relationship because Hitler’s father was a very strict man while him and his mother maintained a love/hate relationship. Hitler lost his younger brother when he was two to Diphtheria and that tore him apart and he became an dettached, sullen boy who rebelled against his father and his teachers. He dropped out of school at 16 because of his lung problems but mostly because of his bad grades.

RiSe to Power: Hilter used a lot of propoganda and strategy to come to power. Hitler was a brilliant speaker and a good organizer and politician. He was a driven, unstable man, who believed that he had been called by God to become dictator of Germany and rule the world. This kept him going when other people might have given up.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_Hitler_rise_to_power#ixzz1IkwgRYJa

Characteristics: A prejudice man with brown hair and  blue eyes. Oppurtunist and narrow-minded and just evil. But he was a smart man who got a whole country to follow him, but he misused his power for the Genocide.

HITLERS BELIEF: He was a German Nationalist. He believed that every wrong in the wworld happened because of the Jews and the Homosexuals , gypsies and the Mentally Retarded. He believed that the Jews were the scum of the Earth and should just die.

Hitlers Oddities: he was a vegetarian and that he was dying from advance syphilis.

Hitlers Death: It is really unknown how he died. there are many stories that pertain to his death. After he was being looked for by the officers, instead of facing the death that they had planned for him he decided to commit suicide. It was said that he hung himself and then it was another story that he shot himself in the head.


Battle of Bulge

From December 16, 1944-1945. This Battle was the Last Major Nazi Offensive  against the Allies in WWII. Hitler was the ring leader in this because he wanted to somehow split  the Allies against  other and go against Germany and eliminate the ability to supply themselves.

 The Battle of the Bulge was on December 16th 1944. Hitler thought the Alliance between Britain, France and America wasnt strong enough for an attack by him and his army. Then he ordered a massive attack against the Americans.

This attack was known Ardennes Offensive

“The Ardennes battle drives home the lesson that a large-scale offensive by massed armour has no hope of success against an enemy who enjoys supreme command of the air. Our precious reserves had been expended, and nothing was available to ward off the impending catastrophe in the east.” 


We alll know that the Holocaust was a terrible time especially the CAMPS. The extermination and Concentration camps was th main wway that Jews died. The person is obviously a survivor, and she moved from camp to camp.  But through her life (she was 9 when the Holocaust stated) she has faced traumatizing experiences that made her want to fight back she watched her older brother die(he was hanged) and  her other brothers and her father. They had to leace their home and move to the worst part of Buczacz (the ghetto for the Jews)

Alicia was the type of person who loved her education. Since the Holocaust started, Jews were not able to recieve their education anymore. She used to sneak in trees just to hear the lesson and when she fell out the tree one day the teacher asked her nicely to not come their anymore. This broke her heart. This was one of heartbreaking things that she went through.

Looking at her story and what she went through as a child, it really breaks my heart and make ne think, why would someone do soething so heartless to innocent people? Icouldnt lose someone so close to me and they lost someone on a regular basis.

Since I wasn’t born in this time there isn’t much i could do. Because there were traitors and i couldnt go through putting my life on the line. Even though i hate war, I would have caused a war between the Americans and the Germans. But the main purpose would be to kill Hitler.\

How we make sure this could never happen again is that we make sure we would put no one in power like that ever again.

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare is a form of warefare in which the combatants occupy fighting lines, consisting mostly of trenches in which the soilders are immune and protected by. Soilders mostly used the trenches during WWI. The area between the opposing trench lines ( known as No Man’s Land) because of the artillery on both sides.

Men would spend days, weeks or months in the trenches, fighting the men on the other side of the trenches, and they would face problems everyday in the trenches.


  • Lack of weapons
  • Trench Foot
  • Black and Brown Rats
  • Lice
  • Lack of Food

Lack of weapons and Trench Foot i think was there biggest fear. Uniforms weren’t in the best of shape and neither were the boots. In the ditches there was water (which made it damp), Rats, and jus dirt. So it was very unsanitory. Men would often fear Black and Brown rats. The Brown rats are the most feared because they would eat human flesh, so the soilders i can imagine would be vey afraid to sleep at night. There were many problems they had to face and barely any people survived.

The Sinking of The Lusitania

The Lusitania Ship was greatly know for its fine accomadations and speed capability. The Lusitania was used for importing goods and transporting people across the Atlantic Ocean. On May 1, 1915, the Lusitania left port in New York for Liverpool to make its 202nd trip across the Atlantic. On board were 1,959 people, 159 were Americans.

Since the outbreak of WWI ocean voyages had became very dangerous because GERMAN U-boats and submarines were vading the water waititng to attack because they were trying to keep the British from getting weapons to Britain.

after 14 miles off the South Ireland neither the captain or the crew knew that the boat had been spotted and targeted. At 1:40, the German Sub launches the torpedo and it hits the right side of the ship and then another one was fired that rocked the ship immediately.


    It took less than 18 mins for the Luisitania to sink. There was enough lifeboats on the ship to save everyone but because of the listings form the torpedo hits, it caused the lifeboats not to launch properly. Of the 1959 people that boarded the boat, 1198 of them died.




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